Inspections of Texas

You need your windows to perform properly, even though we don’t often open them in the Houston area.  Windows can affect the home’s energy efficiency and safety.  Energy efficient homes keep the air conditioning or heat inside with fewer leaks and at a lower cost to the owner.  Other than broken windows, there are 4 […]

As you prepare for all the winter festivities, the inviting atmosphere of a fireplace can make these events more special.  However, there are 5 signs of trouble you should look for before lighting your fireplace. 1. Firebox Cracks. The firebox is the area where all the magic happens in a fireplace.  It is the area

Everything in the house is built upon the most important item – The Foundation.  Foundation repairs can range from as little as $3,000 to exceed $50,000.  The foundation is so important the Texas Real Estate Commission requires an opinion on its condition.  Is the foundation performing as intended?  Or does it need a further evaluation?

Fires related to heating equipment are the leading cause of house fires in the United States of America.  19% of deaths in homes are caused by heating equipment.  Deaths related to heating are from fires, gas leaks, unsafe fireplaces, old and/or non-working smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, and improperly placed space heaters.  Our best bet

Although it is more expensive, most people think buying a new house is a lot like buying a new car or appliance or any other new product.  It is NOT!  If you bought a new house without having a detailed and thorough inspection, there are going to be some major problems you could face in

Most of us who swim in lakes or other bodies of water don’t think about being electrocuted. However, even swimming near a boat dock can be dangerous.  Electrically charged boat or fishing docks kill people every year due to lack of maintenance.  Best practice is to not swim within 50 yards of any known electrical

There is nothing more refreshing than swimming in clean, cool pool water.  What most people don’t know is that electrically charged swimming pools, spas, and boat docks kill people every year due to lack of maintenance. Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD ) happens when an electrical ground fault leaks into water.  Electrical currents as low as

There are two common mistakes landscapers make, costing homeowners big money every year in the Houston Metropolitan Area.  These are the grading and the drainage of our property.  The “gumbo clay” in the Houston area is an expansive clay soil mixture that must be properly maintained.  If not, you could end up with foundation problems

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