Inspections of Texas

Stairway To Heaven?

From graceful curves to straight runs to tight winders, stairs are essential for second story homes.  With approximately 12,000 deaths annually attributed to stairway falls, it is important for them to be safe.  The residential building codes for stairways are complicated.  There are several types of stairs which have different rules. To further complicate matters, …

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HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

One of the most expensive components of a home is the HVAC system.  Not only is the system itself expensive, but the associated costs in energy and repairs can stress a budget.  Today we’ll help you glean some information and empower you to make informed decisions. Heating Gas Heaters:  These systems are the most economical …

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Top 5 Reasons Smart Buyers Have New Homes Inspected

Why do a home inspection on a new home? You found a newly built home and neighborhood you love. In the excitement of buying a brand new home, don’t forgo the home inspection. The inspection is a great value and can pay for itself immediately and in the long run. With a third party inspection …

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Sink Or Swim?

8 Ways To Protect Your Happy Place Your beautiful backyard pool or spa is your oasis, your happy place.  You want a safe and relaxing experience.  But  pools can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.  About 3,400 drowning deaths* happen each year, so it’s important that you protect your pool. 1. Be Around, Don’t Drown …

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