Inspections of Texas

New Home Buyers

Although it is more expensive, most people think buying a new house is a lot like buying a new car or appliance or any other new product.  It is NOT!  If you bought a new house without having a detailed and thorough inspection, there are going to be some major problems you could face in

While most of us love the inviting atmosphere of a fireplace, lighting it could put you and your loved ones in danger.  There are 3 things you should do first. 1. Seal Firebox Cracks. The firebox is the area where all the magic happens in a fireplace.  It is the area with the most intense

When you are buying a home for the first time, the process can be confusing.  All the new terminology can be overwhelming.  Let this list empower you to take the next step! 1. Buyer – You decide how much to spend, type of home, location, and features. Most listings have a mortgage calculator so you

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