Inspections of Texas

The Real Secret to Great Inspections

A builder showed up to our inspection to see if we’d found anything “big” that might be an issue for the buyer.  I told him about several issues, including an area where daylight was coming through the attic.  A rodent or a squirrel could come through and Wind-driven rain would certainly enter to cause problems.

The builder responded, “We build code compliant houses.  That’s not code.” 

Building codes are the bare MINIMUM standards.  That comment implies the builder does not understand the depth of his job! It also shows a lack of concern for people and doing what is right.

At Inspections of Texas, we go beyond the codes – knowledge of best practices and building science apply too.  Our concern, whether a new or a pre-owned house, is to make certain the buyer knows of any potential health risks, safety issues, or items that might cause them financial difficulties.  Good inspectors rise above the pack of people going through the motions in 5 ways:

  1. They know the codes.
  2. They are thorough and pay attention to the details.
  3. They understand the building systems and how things work together.
  4. They have a Learner attitude because codes and best practices are always changing.
  5. They can explain issues to clients in a helpful way.

What is the difference between a good inspector and a great one?  We care about people!

Inspectors don’t make more or less money whether the house sells or not.  The best interest of every client is number 1.  Every great realtor knows this.  Even though they make a living purchasing or selling homes, a great realtor doesn’t want to sell every house, no matter what.  They also care about their clients!

There are too many people in this world who do not care about others.  People often use others as stepping stones in corporate environments.  Sales people frequently care more about selling than the people who are buying from them.  These kind of people may make a lot of money, but they lose in personal relationships. 

It is always better to help others.  By the way we do inspections, we are personally helping people make the best decision.  A house is the most money they will spend on any one item.  How much more important could it be to provide the honest truth about something people may pay for the next 30 years?

This is why we love inspecting homes!  We get to help people every day.  The realtors who use Inspections of Texas know it because they have the same passion in their life.  We all have a better life, and we all have peace of mind when we do what is right.

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