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Why window Issues Are More Serious Than You Think!

You need your windows to perform properly, even though we don’t often open them in the Houston area.  Windows can affect the home’s energy efficiency and safety.  Energy efficient homes keep the air conditioning or heat inside with fewer leaks and at a lower cost to the owner.  Other than broken windows, there are 4 other common problems in the Houston area.

1. Difficult to Open or Too Loose

Older metal windows are commonly difficult to open from dirt and dust building up in the tracks.  A simple cleaning and lubricant can restore functionality.  Sometimes the springs or rods are damaged.  These components can be repaired or replaced.

Newer vinyl windows are commonly too loose in the track when they open.  This will leak energy, making them less efficient.  Often the tabs on the top of the moving window can be adjusted for a snug fit.

2. Condensation vs Seal Failure

Window condensation is usually harmless.  When the coolness of the house meets the humid warmth of the outside, it condenses.  It can happen regardless of whether the window is single, double, or triple paned.  Condensation can be cleaned off.

However, when the moisture builds up BETWEEN the panes of glass on double or triple pane windows, it indicates seal failure.  The seal between the panes of glass is broken.  The window is no longer energy efficient.  Replacement is recommended.

3. Warping or Rotting

Wood windows are more prone to warping or rotting.  When wood absorbs moisture it expands and contracts as it dries.  This can cause a permanent bend in the windows.  When the moisture causes deterioration, it forms a fungus that eats away at the wood. This fungus can travel to the house itself.   This moisture build up causes dangerous mold and the rot attracts the dreaded termites to the house.  Replacement is needed immediately.

4. Water Leaking

One of the more serious problems is water leaking into the home.  Damaged or deteriorated exterior trim can cause leaks.  When windows warp, there is a gap between the sash and frame.  Both issues not only cause mold and deterioration around the window, but can cause serious damage to the walls and floor underneath.  If left untreated, this can require a contractor to repair or replace all the affected areas.

Major expenses can be avoided by catching problems early and repairing them.  At Inspections of Texas, we inspect windows carefully and open as many as possible to determine their overall performance.  In a hot, humid climate few people open their windows.  But the health of the windows affects the entire house.

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