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Maintenance Tips

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. If you want to avoid big problems in the future, there are a lot of steps you can take to make sure your home keeps running smoothly. You want to make sure that the steps you’re taking to protect your home are the right ones, though. […]

At first thought a contract for a heating and cooling technician to come to your house and take care of routine maintenance several times a year seems good. Inspectors recommend having the air conditioning and heating checked before each season’s usage.  If a company really does the job it’s contracted for, we are in favor

You need your windows to perform properly, even though we don’t often open them in the Houston area.  Windows can affect the home’s energy efficiency and safety.  Energy efficient homes keep the air conditioning or heat inside with fewer leaks and at a lower cost to the owner.  Other than broken windows, there are 4

There are two common mistakes landscapers make, costing homeowners big money every year in the Houston Metropolitan Area.  These are the grading and the drainage of our property.  The “gumbo clay” in the Houston area is an expansive clay soil mixture that must be properly maintained.  If not, you could end up with foundation problems

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