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As you prepare for all the winter festivities, the inviting atmosphere of a fireplace can make these events more special.  However, there are 5 signs of trouble you should look for before lighting your fireplace. 1. Firebox Cracks. The firebox is the area where all the magic happens in a fireplace.  It is the area […]

Fires related to heating equipment are the leading cause of house fires in the United States of America.  19% of deaths in homes are caused by heating equipment.  Deaths related to heating are from fires, gas leaks, unsafe fireplaces, old and/or non-working smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, and improperly placed space heaters.  Our best bet

There is nothing more refreshing than swimming in clean, cool pool water.  What most people don’t know is that electrically charged swimming pools, spas, and boat docks kill people every year due to lack of maintenance. Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD ) happens when an electrical ground fault leaks into water.  Electrical currents as low as

While most of us love the inviting atmosphere of a fireplace, lighting it could put you and your loved ones in danger.  There are 3 things you should do first. 1. Seal Firebox Cracks. The firebox is the area where all the magic happens in a fireplace.  It is the area with the most intense

Heating your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in winter – about 29% of your utility bill.  The whole-house approach to heating is the most efficient as opposed to heating individual rooms.  Modern systems can achieve 98.5% efficiency.  To help them be that efficient, there are several things you

Did you know that dirty exhaust fans and clothes dryer vents cause death and destruction every year?  Yearly to bi-annual cleaning can prevent this devastation and loss of life.  Lint build-up is often the culprit in both scenarios.  It is composed primarily of towel and toilet paper fluff in bathrooms.  This easy-to-ignite fuel source spreads

If galvanized pipes are such a problem, why was it made?  Galvanizing steel protects it from the elements and makes it more durable. To galvanize, the steel is dipped into zinc to protect it against corrosion.  However, problems come with age.  While galvanized water distribution pipes last approximately 50 years, once the zinc coating wears

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