Inspections of Texas

The Real Secret to Lifetime Clients!

We live in a busy, changing world.  There’s always a concern of being left behind when it comes to products, software, and technology.  We want to stay ahead of the curve and always give our clients the best.  This is common to all business, not just real estate. 

We want lifetime clients who return for business.  When we cultivate relationships, clients will personally recommend us to friends and family as well as publicly on social media.  Client retention costs less than advertising for new ones.  All of this is important to build a base of lifetime clients.

How do we do it?  It all boils down to PSI.  PSI stands for Product, Service, and Image.

The following applies to all business:  You may need to adapt, depending on your particular business. 

How is my PRODUCT as a Licensed Professional in Real Estate?  Providing more value for clients is an important part of creating massive client loyalty. Going beyond the minimum requirements makes a better product.  Some inspection companies are more interested in producing more reports per inspector than they are with a high-quality report.  A high-quality report helps the client in the final decision to buy the home.  It also points out what items must be repaired or replaced to make the home safe.  It even helps the Professional Realtor negotiate a great deal for their client.  Our reports include links to articles and videos such as the Lifetime Expectancy Chart that further explains and educates home owners.  We also provide free pet urine inspections on carpets and thermal imaging to add value to our service.    

How is my SERVICE?  Service with a smile is essential to a good relationship with clients.  Inspections of Texas strives to do just that.  We personally answer the phone and interact with our clients.  We make it easy to schedule online, over the phone, through text, or on our App.  We also contact the listing agent to approve the day and time.  This frees the buyer’s agent to do more important things.  Once scheduled, confirmation emails and texts are sent to everyone, and clients can easily pay online.  Rapid Reports are delivered within 10 minutes of finishing the inspection.  While some inspection companies don’t allow clients on-site, we enjoy meeting them and giving a consultation at the end.  Because our reports exist in the cloud, they can be accessed at any time. So we are available for questions later too.  All these ways of serving our clients allow us to give them a 5-Star experience!

How is my IMAGE?  There’s an old saying, “Dress for Success.”  It applies to every one of us, whether we know it or not.  Our image is important, no matter what we are doing. People know Inspections of Texas when they see us by the way we dress every day, whether marketing the business or performing an inspection.  We wear black pants and collared shirts with the Inspections of Texas logo.   Being professionally dressed conveys that we respect clients, realtors, and homeowners.  This sets everyone at ease, since it conveys professionalism and expertise in our field.

Believe in Yourself!  Care about others!  Every day, millions of people get up and go to work.  Every day, businesses fail and succeed.  Every employee and business owner must believe they have the ability to do what is right and follow with positive action.  Caring about other people is what drives us to do better as inspectors.  Thankfully, there are many realtors who care about their clients as much as we do.  These realtors are the real winners in life!  Their clients perceive how much they care about them by their actions.  And, these are the realtors who win the hearts of their clients for life.  Clients who have a realtor who cares won’t even think about using another realtor! 

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