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Spring Into Action With These Tips!

It’s that time again.  Spring is on the way as the flowers start to open up and we get much warmer temperatures in the Houston Metropolitan Area.  Actually, we usually get about 2 weeks of Spring and go straight to Summer temperatures!

What are the top items to clean and maintain on your home as it starts to warm up?

1)  If it has been a year or more since you called an HVAC mechanic, now’s the time.  Get the Air Conditioner cleaned and serviced while they are not busy yet.  If you wait until the middle of the summer, you will be put in line behind the people who need immediate help.

2)  Go around the outside of the house and look at the edge of the windows, doors, and places the siding fits together.  How is the sealant?  If it has been 5 years or more, it is more than likely time to seal it all up again and maybe paint the exterior.

3)  How is the roof?  Are there leaves that need to be removed?  Leaves left for extended periods of time can cause the roof to wear out faster than normal.  Do you see any places where shingles are lifted or cracked?  If so, call a Certified Professional Roofer to inspect and repair.  You might be surprised what you can find just by looking at the roof from an angle.  Repairs may extend the lifetime of your roof and avoid leaks.

4)  How about the gutters?  If you are not experienced with ladders and cleaning gutters have a professional give them a look, especially if your house is located under trees. When leaves clog gutters the water is blocked and can seep into the fascia boards to deteriorate the wood. 

5)  Are you ready to add mulch to the gardens?  Make certain when adding mulch that you don’t exceed 4 inches of clearance under masonry or 6 inches under other siding.  High soil/mulch creates a condition conducive for termites.  Mulch should also grade away from the house.  A negative grade toward the house may not cause trouble immediately, but a common source of foundation issues is water ponding against the foundation.

Follow these tips and you’ll have your house maintained and ready for the few weeks of Spring and the next 8 months of Summer!

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