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Top Reasons You NEED an Inspection On Your New House

You found a newly built home and neighborhood you love. In the excitement of buying a brand new home, don’t forgo the home inspection. The inspection is a great value and can pay for itself immediately and in the long run. With a third party inspection report in hand, you can keep your dream home safe and happy.

1. Looking Out For You

Just like you look both ways before crossing the street, a third party inspector is a great precaution for your safety. Yes, builders have their own inspectors and superintendents who look for specific items: a third party inspector can catch things that were missed. A licensed professional home inspector’s primary purpose is your safety. The walk-through with the builder is not enough since many problems are hidden to casual observation. Your inspector will inspect the major systems: structural, electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, and all appliances.  They identify existing issues and potential long-term problems that can be avoided.

2. Quality Assurance

Builder’s inspectors/superintendents are juggling dozens of subcontractors and employees with installations on numerous homes at once. Each worker is concerned only with their part of the building and not the house as a whole system. Because of the complexity of people and jobs, it is almost impossible for a builder to carefully check all phases of construction. Even the best builder may miss something important. Independent, third party inspections examine the whole house and can even ensure quality with three different inspections: pre-concrete, pre-drywall, and final inspection once the work is complete.  Here are some of the common problems we find in newly built homes:

* Roof anchors still attached and other roof areas that will leak
* Ducts, gas lines, and electrical bonding not attached at or near the appliances
* Loose bricks on the veneer or lack of proper flashing to keep rain out
* No insulation or less insulation than is required by the energy code
* Windows and doors installed backwards
* Incorrect electrical wiring, including missing GFCI, AFCI, and surge protectors
* Poor Grading and Drainage which will cause foundation problems in the future.

3. Adversity Avoided

Potential long term problems can be solved before they result in costly damages. Roof penetrations can be repaired before it leaks. House fires can be prevented by addressing electrical issues. Missing insulation which results in high energy bills can be avoided.

The more the builder can accomplish before you move in, the less you will be inconvenienced later. If you don’t, you will have to deal with the parade of people, noise, and dust of repairs when you are trying to settle into your wonderful new home.

The good news is that a third party inspector can help you keep your dream home safe and increase its value.  You can be confident that problems are identified and corrected before you sign the dotted line.  Homes that are well cared for sell faster and at higher prices in the future.  Plus, you will have peace of mind in your purchase.  That peace allows you to fully enjoy and be happy in your new home.

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