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Top 5 Reasons Smart Buyers Have New Homes Inspected

Why do a home inspection on a new home? You found a newly built home and neighborhood you love. In the excitement of buying a brand new home, don’t forgo the home inspection. The inspection is a great value and can pay for itself immediately and in the long run. With a third party inspection report in hand, you can keep your dream home safe and happy.

1. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Yes, builders have their own inspectors and superintendents. But, a licensed professional home inspector’s primary purpose is your safety. The walk-through with the builder is not enough because many problems are hidden to casual observation. A third party inspector works for you and inspects the major systems, structure, and appliances. They identify existing issues and potential long-term problems that can be avoided.

2. Out of Complexity, Find Simplicity

Builder’s inspectors/superintendents are juggling dozens of subcontractors and employees and installations on numerous homes at once. Each worker is concerned only with their part of the building and not the house as a whole system. Because of the complexity of people and jobs, it is impossible for a builder to carefully check all phases of construction. Even the best builder may miss something. Independent, third party inspections protect you. Here are some of the problems we have found in newly built homes.

 Roof anchors for safety harness still attached
 Ducts not attached to their appliances
 Loose bricks on the home’s veneer
 No insulation in the ceiling
 Raised roof shingles that allow rain inside
 Missing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
 Poor Grading and Drainage which can cause foundation problems

3. Haste Makes Waste

Once the builder is aware of the issues, they can take care of the significant problems right away. The more the builder can accomplish before you move in, the less you will be inconvenienced later. If things are not fixed before you move in, you will have to deal with the parade of people, noise, and dust of repairs when you are trying to settle into your wonderful new home.

4. Actions Have Consequences

Potential long term problems can be repaired before they result in costly damages. Roof penetrations can be repaired before it leaks. House fires can be prevented by addressing electrical issues. Missing insulation which results in high air conditioning bills can be avoided. Proper drainage to protect your foundation can be installed before you move into your new home.

5. Resale Matters

Down the road when you decide to sell your home, if the original deficiencies were not corrected, you won’t get the full resale value of the property. Builders certainly won’t be making repairs after years of occupation. Plus, the new buyer will have a home inspection performed that will expose all the deficiencies. On the other hand, homes that are well cared for sell faster and at higher prices.

The good news is that a professionally licensed real estate inspector can help you keep your dream home safe and happy. The inspection can pay for itself many times over both financially and with peace of mind. You can be confident that problems are identified and corrected before you sign the dotted line.

** Every home inspection from Inspections of Texas comes with a FREE Life Expectancy Chart that helps you plan preventive maintenance.  The chart covers the expected lifetime of appliances, products, materials, systems, and components associated with home ownership.  Annual maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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